If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Overpass Light Brigade in Milwaukee

We’re proud to be a part of the Schools and Communities United Coalition of which MTEA is a part of to build community schools that benefit everyone, not just rich corporations.


Standing Up for Public Schools

"We’re the only game in town that’s unabashedly in support of public education."

- Amy Mizialko - MTEA Director of Teaching & Learning

MTEA members understand that their working conditions are their students learning conditions, which is why we as a union continue to work tirelessly…

We’re proud to be a part of this movement to save public education.


Governor Scott Walker thought he delivered a death blow to teachers unions in the state of Wisconsin when he signed his union-busting Act 10 into law in 2011, but the proud educators of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association are fighting back!

The Fight Back from MTEA Union on Vimeo.

Welcome to We Are Water

We were honored to take part in Sunday night’s “We Are Water” event on Milwaukee’s Lakefront. The event, organized by the Milwaukee Water Commons, featured poets, spoken word, native speakers and dancers, and a stunning collectively constructed illuminated installation of the Great Lakes. The group connects to the larger Great Lakes Commons Initiative, which is a cross-border grassroots effort to establish the Great Lakes as a commons and legally protected bioregion. Milwaukee is privileged to live on such an important body of fresh water, but with this privilege comes the responsibility of sound stewardship and defense of this incredible public resource.

Mayor Declares it We Are Water Day in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett declared Sunday to officially be “We Are Water” Day in the city.

A Crowd Begins to Gather

A nice group turn out to celebrate Milwaukee’s water. 

Spoken Word for Water

Blanche Brown and Suzanne Rosenblatt treated the audience to extraordinary Spoken word and poetry.

Beachfront Celebration

The Strawberry Moon Singers performed some native drumming and singing throughout the evening.

Raising LED Lights

DanceCircus provided a rhythmic water dance that culminated with the dancers formally introducing LED lights used to construct the evening’s final Great Lakes water installation, a project by Milwaukee environmental artist Melanie Ariens.

Forming a Circle Around Great Lakes Installation

After the water dancers, everyone in attendance was asked to gather in a circle around an etched out shape of the Great Lakes that had been cordoned off in the sand. All were then beckoned to come forward and receive an LED light placed in a cup of Lake Michigan water.

Shining for Water Rights

Participants then placed their lighted cup anywhere along the Great Lakes portion of sand. 

Young Girl Helps

The final illuminated installation was stunning. Drummers played as everyone gathered around to enjoy the final result. Of course, the real drama of the artwork would reveal itself once darkness fell.

Celebration of Water on Bradford Beach

Participants then moved back to the original circle, where the Strawberry Moon Singers performed a water blessing. This sacred ceremony is cannot be photographed, so we turned off our camera out of respect.

Holding Hands

As the night grew darker, the Holders of the Light brought out several messages behind the now-glowing silhouettes of the Great Lakes. We have an awesome responsibility as stewards of this precious resource. 

We Are Water on Beachfront

Water Is Life Installation

Shining a Light on Water Rights

Milwaukee Water Commons will continue to hold events and give Milwaukeeans ways to participate in the ongoing care and conservation of the Great Lakes now and for future generations.

More photos from the “We Are Water” event can be found here.

Wow! The Overpass Light Brigade movie ended up with the fourth highest vote total of 25 films in this year’s PBS Online Film Festival. Thanks to all who voted and shared the movie.

The Detroit Light Brigade holds a #WAGELOVE message in the background of this Detroit music video filmed in the context of the recent water shutoffs.

A new light brigade, the Louisville Light Brigade, tweeted us this excellent photo today. Last night, they celebrated 49 years of Medicare while calling for an expansion and improvement of the system for everyone. 

Medicare is a the nation’s most popular social program. It has been working to provide those 65 and over, those with disabilities and certain medical conditions, with access to comprehensive healthcare without fear of bankruptcy.

Their complete message says: “HAPPY 49TH MEDICARE IMPROVE IT EXPAND IT TO ALL HR676”

HR676 is a single payer healthcare bill proposed in Kentucky


Photo credit: @Kaytillow on Twitter


We applaud this victory today for water rights in Detroit. 

Join us in creating a temporary art installation of the Great Lakes in the sand. The image will be illuminated at dusk.

Illumination by Overpass Light Brigade
Inspiration by local community and spiritual leaders.
Activation coordinated by DanceCircus.
Documentation by doc|UWM
Percussion TBA

We encourage biking or walking to this event. Parking is available along Lincoln Memorial Drive, at Northpoint, and at the Rugby Field. Please plan to walk on sand!

Organized by Milwaukee Water Commons
for more information contact
Ann Brummitt at 414-763-6199